Three holy men and Indiana Jones

Gathering the party

David, Bitchtits, and Alejandro show up in Carvalen looking to get ride of evil. BoB is here looking for more treasure, because that’s what he does. Bob asks around looking for treasure and he hears of a cave up north but everyone who has gone up there has never came back. He also found out about a fire mage, 1000’s of years old, said to be the guardian of the Tandari desert, lives in a small oasis to the west. David recognizes Bob and get Bob to team up with him and the two pallys. Alejandro starts to get concerned with how loyal Bitchtits is to the Paladin order. Bob cock blocks Bitchtits with the bar wench to keep him on the righteous path and just because it was funny.

The next day the party sets out for the fire mage while making a stop in the larger oasis. Bob gambles a little and finds out his old watch he has may be more than just an old watch.
The day after they set out for the fire mage and beat up some giant beatles along the way.


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